As World Kindness Week draws to a close, I want to take a minute to highlight one really cool thing that came out of this year's celebration; newborns in sweaters--with a purpose!

I think we can probably all agree that few people embodied the spirit of kindness like Fred Rogers, better known to many as Mr. Rogers. It was the theme of almost every episode of his show. He spoke gently, tried to see the world from many points of view, and always made it a point to be a good neighbor, which is essentially the driving force of the World Kindness Movement.

Well, this week, folks at the UPMC Magee-Women’s Hospital in Pittsburgh paid Roger's widow, Joanne, a special kindness as she visited there. According to an article by, workers at the hospital dressed newborns in special Mr. Rogers inspired outfits, complete with his iconic red sweater and blue sneakers. "All of the garments were made by hospital nurse Caitlin Pechin. "

When Mrs. Rogers, who had been married to Mr. Rogers for over 50 years when he died, came to visit the hospital, she was met by the staff singing the opening theme song to "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood." She was then brought up to the Maternity Ward, where she came face-to-cute-little-face with her late husband's likeness on bitty baby bodies, and was reportedly "delighted" by the gesture.

The hospital took the time to spread kindness to the widow of a man spent his career teaching us all about kindness. Now if that's not a "full circle" moment, I'm not sure what is.

Good Morning America had this great video of how it all went down. I hope you enjoy it.

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