Nothing is more irritating than being stuck in a snow storm with a car that isn't turning over.  Especially after just getting out of work... on a Monday... during a snowstorm... and it's 10 degrees outside.  The.  Worst.

That's why right now is the time for you to do some maintenance on your car battery so you can try to avoid getting caught in winter's fury.

Consumer Reports advises making sure your battery connection is good and to clean them if there are signs of corrosion.

Check your battery load for your Maine vehicle once a year after your battery exceeds 4 years old.

Think about investing in a trickle charger to increase the life of your battery if your vehicle is parked for extended periods of time.

For more information, like which battery to get for your car if you need a new one or more details connected to the tips above, check out the Consumer Reports page about fall car battery maintenance.

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