These sweet little homes are tucked away along an almost three mile hike in Westbrook.


Finding the gnome homes is part of the Kids Movement Project out of Westbrook started by Jill MacMahon. Jill is a mom with a couple of boys who like to move...a lot. If you have kids, you know that they are always on the move. That's why you are so exhausted at the end of the day.

The Kids Movement Project is her brainchild to help kids get outside...and move. Her mission seems simple - exercise and fresh air. But motivating kids sometimes can be hard and she's made the outdoors fun and adventerous. Including finding these gnome homes and elf houses built along the trails at Prides Preserve in Westbrook. The Pride Preserve opened last year and is the largest conserved forestland in greater Portland. It's 188 acres and 3.5 miles of trails, owned and maintained by the Presumpscot Regional Land Trust. There are specific instructions on how to find them all...the first one is less than a mile in.

Kids Movement Project

Some of these gnome homes contain LED lights so that you can see them during evening walks!

Kids Movement Project

The artist of these little gnome homes and doorways, wants to remain anonymous. But told Jill that they would welcome the spreading of how to find them!

Plan a trip with the kids...outside. By the time you find all 11 homes, you will have hiked almost 3 miles. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon in Maine.



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