Want to be a part of a new production from The Grand? Get ya Mainah accent ready, bub!

The idea of pairing a Downeast Maine accent, and the prose of William Shakespeare, is an inspired one, so inspiring in fact, it has become a show that will be part of the outdoor summer theater premiere from The Grand, located in Ellsworth. The performances will be held July 8-July 11th, and July 15th-July 18th, on the grounds of the Woodlawn Museum.

There will be open auditions for all ages, this Sunday, May 23rd, from 1pm-3pm, then again, on Tuesday, May 25th, from 5:30pm-7pm, at Woodlawn Museum Estate, which you can find at 19 Black House Drive, in Ellsworth. If you plan on auditioning, plan on parking at Croquet Field, with the event taking place in the open space that is adjacent to the field.

When you arrive, bust out your best Downeast accent, as you read from the script, which was written by Brent Hutchins, and described as:

A Downeast romp through some of the Bard's best bits, and some original contrastin' Maine tragicomedy from Jr. and The Trenton Flats Irregulars in conjunction with The Grand's Amazing Production Team!"

If you have questions, or you would like more information, email kfitch@grandonline.org

Need some inspiration on the perfect Maine accent? Well, there are several variations on it, so we found three that should give you the confidence to bring it home at your audition.

First, a lesson on the correct way to replicate the "Downeast Maine" accent

Then, finish up strong, with a master class of Mainah, from Tim Sample, and Bob Marley!

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