Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson covered most of their matching tattoos after they broke up, but it looks like the pair may have accidentally gotten one more post-split.

The "Thank U, Next" singer recently released a snippet from a music video, which shows a tiny black heart tattooed on her finger where Davidson's name once was. Her former beau has a similar, but larger, tattoo behind his ear covering what used to be Grande's name. Davidson got his tattoo shortly before news broke that he and Grande called it quits.

Although the tattoos may be a strange coincidence, it hasn't stopped fans from buzzing. One even worked up the courage to ask Grande, 25, about it on Twitter.

"Is the black heart some sort of tea or am i reaching," the fan asked.

Grande replied, "I'm empty and my heart is black now so."

The musician may not be ready to talk about her tattoos, but it looks like fans will get a glimpse into all the drama on her new album. On Friday, Grande revealed that she recorded her forthcoming album amid her split from Davidson and the death of ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller.

"The whole thing takes place over the course of like 3 of the worst weeks of my life. We brought as much light to it as we could [though]," she revealed.

Grande later added that the pain she was experiencing helped push her to get into the studio.

"Your girl was SAD and inspired," she said.

A release date for the album hasn't been set. Grande's last album, Sweetener, came out Aug. 17.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson in New York City

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