This year has been a challenge for most aquatics facilities due to staffing shortages. But nonetheless, the pools in the area opened in June and have been providing residents of Eastern Maine some much-needed relief from the heat, especially on those record-setting hot days, of which we've had plenty this summer.

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It's hard to believe when you look at the forecast for this week--temps set to reach the high 70's and mid 80's, that the public pools in the greater Bangor area will be closed at the end of this week, and the start of school will be right around the corner.

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In Bangor, the Parks and Rec Department says the Pancoe Pool will close this Friday, August 19th. But the Dakin Pool will remain open, with a new schedule starting the 20th,  for the rest of the season. Dakin Pool will close on August 26th.

Friday the 19th is also the last scheduled day of swimming over at the Brewer Pool, which just opened at the beginning of the month, after being closed for most of the summer due to repairs. However, the folks over at the Brewer Parks and Rec department are aware that this weekend's forecast is going to be filled with warm temps and hopefully some sunshine, and as such are trying to make arrangements for some extended swim times (depending on availability of their lifeguards) through the weekend to the first of the week. If they are able to make that happen, they'll let folks know via the large marquis at the Rec building next to the pool, and via the Brewer Parks and Rec Facebook Page. 

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(It should be noted that the cooperation between the Bangor and Brewer Rec departments to make sure as many locations as possible were staffed with lifeguards, was nothing short of amazing this summer. While it looked, for a moment, like the Dakin Pool would not be able to open, Brewer (whose own pool was closed for important repairs at the beginning of the swimming season) sent their lifeguards over to Dakin so that folks in Bangor would have two places to go swimming.)

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The Orono Municipal Pool, located at 14 Goodrich Drive will remain open till the end of next week, according to the Town of Orono Website. The last day to swim will be Friday, August 26th.

Pretty much after next week, your pool options are either a friend with a pool, a sprinkler, or a cold bathtub, if we feel like beating the heat. Of course, you could head to the coast and try a nice refreshing dip in the ocean, or maybe one of our many lakes. There's a thought, too.

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