You either are, or you know someone who is.

Today on the Z Morning Show. we learned about a term that perfectly sums up an annoying phenomenon, it's called "Phubbing".

Let's say for example you are out to dinner with a group of friends, and everyone's phone is on the table, not that unusual, but there is always that one person who will not put it down, and is constantly texting, or checking out Facebook, or Twitter, totally oblivious to the social interaction of the people around them, because they are glued to their device. In fact, "Phubbing" can happen just about anywhere, a bar, the grocery store, I've seen it done at the movie theatre, and even during a play!

Turns out that phubbing can have a negative effect on relationships, according to a University study. Being "phubbed" can threaten some pretty basic needs of us humans who don't use their phone as am appendage. I find it annoying and insulting, when someone misses everything happening around them, instead of enjoying the company they are with, and living in the moment.

We found a few videos that will give you some signs at to whether or not you have been "phubbed", or are the one doing the "phubbing".

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