Dear Driver who have tried to be courteous waving me through the intersection,

I noticed you got angry at me when I didn't accept your well intentioned offer to allow me to go though the intersection in Windham when it was you who had the right-of-way. You probably thought I was a jerk for not proceeding or that I never saw you. Well rest assured, I saw you. I just couldn't accept your invitation to proceed. Let me explain why.

As you know, there are traffic laws that address the very situation we were in. They clearly state who has the right-of-way when one or more drivers arrive at an intersection in their vehicles.

Maine Statue Title 29-A, §2053 states "An operator of a vehicle who intends to turn left must yield the right-of-way to a vehicle approaching from the opposite direction when the approaching vehicle is within the intersection or so close as to constitute an immediate hazard."

You were already at the intersection and your turn signal was not blinking. I was turning left and my left turn signal was on. With that information, I assumed you were going straight through the intersection. By law, you had the right-of-way, but by waving me through, you have taken the rules of the road and thrown them out your window.

Had I accepted your offer and drove through the intersection and either collided with you or any other cars for whatever reason, I would be at fault regardless of the fact that you gave me the go ahead to proceed. I did not have the right-of-way.

Rather than have us waving each other through endlessly, I patiently waited until you made your move first, as was your right. After you waved your hands in the air, apparently frustrated at me and proceeded through the intersection, I made my turn.

Please don't take it personally. I do appreciate the offer, but for my safety and others, I am willing to wait until the person who has the right-of-way by law goes first.

I hope this clears up any misunderstandings. Have a nice day.

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