This past weekend, lobsterman Keith Potter came across a rare find in the waters off of the Maine coast- a four-clawed lobster.  Both sets of claws were fully formed and, dare I say, picturesquely balanced.

"We named him Freddy Four Claws," says Potter.  After catching the crustacean, he had to throw it back due to it being a v notch female and it's illegal to catch those without returning it back to the water due to the possibility of the presence of eggs.

Credit: Keith Potter via Facebook
Credit: Keith Potter via Facebook

Rarities in lobster color are seen more often in the news, especially the rarest of finds of the albino, or ghost, lobster.  In August, the Bangor Daily News reported about an albino lobster that was caught in the Gulf of Maine. The albino lobster is a one in one hundred million find.

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