And the winner is...

You know that summer is offically over when America's Got Talent and Big Brother end for the year. Which by the way is a sad commentary on my life, but hey let's re-cap anyway.

Dazzling dancer Kenichi Ebina has a gig in Vegas and a million bucks in his pocket after America picked him over comedian Taylor Williamson in last night's finale of AGT.

Check out some of the amazing perfromances that got Kenichi Ebina the crown.

The cash prize for Big Brother is $500,000. Nothing to sneeze at, but not quite as lucrative as AGT.

After a summer of lying, secret alliances, backstabbing, racial controversy,showmances and hot babes (Hello Aaryn, Elissa and Gina Marie:) Andy Herren was the winner, beating Gina Marie and Spencer.

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