In a new book based on the research done at the Kinsey Institute, the higher learning epicenter of sexuality in the United States, 4,000 Americans revealed their deepest, darkest sexual fantasies.

Americans across all 50 states filled out surveys to lift the veil of what Americans' sexual desires really are, why we want it and what it means about us.

Here are the results, as published by

  • The #1 fantasy is a threesome.
  • Women are more likely than men to report same-sex fantasies.
  • Men are more likely to fantasize about cross-dressing.
  • Extroverts have more non-monogamous fantasies than introverts.

With his interview with USA Today, the author, Justin Lehmiller, of the book sums up what we want like this:

"I found three fantasies that almost everyone has had at one time or another: Multi-partner sex, BDSM and what I call novelty, adventure and variety. The latter category refers to trying new things, whether it’s new positions or sex in new settings."

And some of the surprising findings of his research really shouldn't be that surprising:

"Men’s fantasies contained a lot more emotional content than most people would expect.

Men are often trying to meet emotional needs in their fantasies, whether it’s feeling desired or validated or competent. I also found that women’s fantasies were a lot more adventurous than most people would expect..."

Want to know more?  Here's the book, which is number one bestseller on Amazon.

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