The Massachusetts plant that supplies the world of chalky sweets like Necco wafers has suddenly closed its doors.

According to the Boston Globe, the plant was shut down unexpectedly on Tuesday when factory workers were told that they could pick up their last checks on Friday, much to their shock and surprise.

This comes after the company was sold at auction to Round Hill Investments LLC back in May.  The company now states that their has been a new buyer.

The company's statement about the closure included the following:

"Round Hill Investments was very excited to acquire Necco’s historic brands and to be part of their national resurgence.  After careful engagement and consideration, however, the firm decided to sell the brands to another national confection manufacturer and today announced the closure of the operations in Revere, Massachusetts.”

A suit had been filed recently by a Necco bankruptcy trustee claiming Round Hill was trying to back out of a final $1 million purchase payment, according to the Boston Globe.

The factory is located in Revere, Massachusetts and employed 230 workers.  It was expected to operate through November prior to this week's announcement.

Necco is the country's oldest continuously operating candy company.

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