The trouble for Amanda Bynes continues as TMZ has learned that Bynes was reportedly kicked out of LaGuardia Airport in New York City Friday morning, Oct. 10.

The site reports that Bynes was seeking a one-way ticket out of New York City but when nothing was available immediately, she became hostile and had to be escorted out. Bynes allegedly was escorted to a cab by security and tried to go to another NYC area airport, JFK, to find a ticket there.

The incident comes on the same day that Bynes accused her father of sexual abuse and then later recanted and claimed a "microchip" made her tweet the accusations. Bynes' mother and older siblings have since come to the father's defense, claiming that the allegations are completely untrue.

TMZ also reports that her parents are seeking her whereabouts in an effort to get her help once again. The troubled actress was treated at a facility in 2013 after a series of bizarre incidents forced her parents to obtain a legal temporary conservatorship over her well-being. It was rumored that Bynes had been diagnosed with bi-polar depression and schizophrenia, but Bynes' mother later stated that she was not suffering from mental illness whatsoever, and that her problems stemmed from an addiction to marijuana.

For most of 2014, Bynes had stayed quiet away from the media and Twitter. She had been under her parents' watch until July, when they reportedly allowed her to move out on her own and lost contact with her. She later made headlines again when she was arrested for DUI at the end of September.

Over the past week, Bynes has been spotted out and about in the New York City area, claiming that she is working to transfer to study fashion at NYU or Columbia. She has since been accused of attacking a fan, as well as trying to steal a hat from Barney's.

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