Golfers were ducking more than balls at the Gorham Country Club when landing gear from a plane landed on the greens.

You never know what you're going to find on a golf course. Every corner holds possible surprises. At Bangor Municipal Golf Course, a few years ago, golfers were dealing with a bear who decided to munch on the plants surrounding the greens. In Scotland, it's not unusual for golf games to be interrupted by sheep who have wandered onto the course. And, of course, there was that alligator that startled golfers at a country club in Naples, Florida last year.

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When someone yells 'fore,' you expect to see a small white ball headed in your direction. Pretty easy to duck, right? But this week in Gorham, the thing that was hurtling toward the green was the landing gear from a small airplane. While it certainly created a world-class divot, no one was hurt by the falling equipment.

Gorham Police said in a post on their Facebook page, that there were two pieces of good news that day. No one was hurt when the wheel housing landed on the 7th fairway, and the Piper Navajo twin engine plane was able to do a belly landing in Islip, New York. No one on the plane, or on the ground, was hurt.

Can you imagine being on the course, when this happened? It's a's a actually is a plane. Or at least part of it. All things considered, I think I'd rather deal with bears and alligators. At least I can see them coming.

There's no word on whether the pilot will return to repair his divot.

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