Remember being a little kid and having an advent calendar for the holidays?  Each day before Christmas, you'd get to open a piece of the calendar to reveal a hidden treasure as a lead up to the big day of present opening.  It's a memory most of us remember fondly.

Well, why shouldn't we do it with our pets?

We love our pets.  They have an unconditional love that we want to reciprocate so why not give them a little treat leading up to Christmas with their own special advent calendar that is specific for their species.

We scoured to see what was out there for advent calendars for our furry friends.  You would be surprised at the sheer number of varieties to choose from with great treats to give to your pet.

Cats have a great variety of treats in their advent calendars including seaweed and salmon dried treats, real meat treats made up of salmon, duck, chicken and turkey or just buy an advent calendar that you can fill up with treats yourself.

Dogs can get their treats, too!  There are lots of advent calendars out there with safe for pup treats, including a Trader Joe's one with salmon and sweet potato treats and a bonus ornament, for your tree not the dog.  One of the advent calendars found actually came with 36 days of treats.  I don't know who's celebrating the holidays for that long but, I guess this gives you permission to really celebrate with your doggy companion.

Check out the advent calendars for your pets and maybe treat them every day this holiday.  You know he's been a good booyyyy!

Advent Calendars for Your Cat or Dog

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