Before you strap on the cross-country skis, you may want to make sure that you can legally enter the park.

Long-time residents of the area have long had a habit of freely entering Acadia National Park during the cold winter months, long after the tourists have left the Island.  Whether it be for hiking, cross country skiing, or anything else that one would enjoy when the temps are low and there is snow on the ground. There had never been a worry as to whether one needed an Acadia National Park pass or not.

An Acadia National Park press release received this past week tells us that "Entrance passes are needed to visit and enjoy Acadia year-round."  So, make sure that you are prepared for that.

Passes can be purchased online anytime at Entrance passes are also available for purchase at the Hulls Cove Visitor Center until October 23rd.  Those visiting the park and driving through the Sand Beach Entrance Station can purchase passes at that location beginning on October 24th and up until December 31st,  when the station is staffed.

Everyone over 16 years of age needs a Park Pass to gain entrance. Park passes are usually $15 per person, or $30 for a vehicle, for the week.  Annual Acadia National Park Park passes go for $55.

More than likely once again this holiday season certain local area Chamber of Commerce, town offices, and events will offer Acadia National Park passes at "almost half-price" at a cost of $28. We'll keep you up to date on that.

$3.5 Million Bar Harbor Estate For Sale Includes An Amazing Pool

The stuff that dreams are made of!

Wow, look at this huge solar-heated saltwater swimming pool, which is part of this $3.5 million dollar estate for sale located on the shore of Salsbury Cove in Bar Harbor. There's certainly enough room in it for all of your family and friends, and then some! Just imagine the pool parties that you could hold here. Where's that volleyball?

The property built in 2009 is located at 65 Shore Acres Road and consists of the main house and a couple of really nice seasonal guesthouses on 2.64 acres right on the shore. All total we're talking 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and a total of 5,826 square feet. Pretty amazing, and that's what your guests are sure to say when they stop by to visit or to spend a few fun-filled and relaxing days by the ocean in Bar Harbor.

The property is listed for sale by Jamie O'Keefe on

Stroll Through These Photos Of The Brewer Riverwalk

The 1.1mile-long Brewer Riverwalk gives a vantage point to all three bridges that cross between Brewer and Bangor and the Bangor Waterfront. There's plenty of park benches along the way to sit and take in the sights.

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