Wanna try the lobster roll voted number one in Maine? It's pretty easy to do!!

A gentleman named James of the YouTube channel Coolist, travels all over the planet in search of the coolest places and things. In his latest video he takes on our pride and joy, the Maine Lobster Roll.

Back in 2017, Yankee Magazine decided to send a writer to Maine to decide which lobster roll was the best of the best. McLoon’s Lobster Shack in South Thomaston was the big winner, so James decided he needed to form his own opinion. With COVID-19 making this virtually impossible, a company called Goldbelly came to the rescue.

Goldbelly is an online marketplace for regional foods throughout the United States. Goldbelly features products from restaurants, bakeries, delis, etc. across all 50 states.

James digs into McLoon’s DIY lobster roll kit. Each lobster roll kit has pretty much all you will need, including separate containers of lobster meat, rolls, mayonnaise, Casco Bay Artisan Sea Salt Butter, roll sleeves and an easy to use instruction card. He also tops it off with Maine’s favorite sweet treat, a Whoopie Pie from Cape Whoopies, located in Cape Elizabeth. With flavors like The Maniac, Boston Strong, Britt’s Fave, and ingredients like fudge, vanilla, dark chocolate, and salted caramel, this is a perfect way to cleanse the palate after delicious Maine lobster.

If you are interested in enjoying this for yourself, or someone else, https://mcloonslobster.com can hook you up!

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