A song about the beauty of Maine’s coast? Yes, please!

Growing up, Kathleen Regan lived in Massachusetts, but spent her summers with her family vacationing in York, Maine. She has put those memories to good use with a beautiful song called “Coast of Maine” Her friend Jon Aanestad helped co-write this ode to Vacationland.

The tune recently claimed third place in the International Songwriting Competition, and was just one of only 70 submissions out of an astounding 18,000 entries. There are several different categories of artists in this contest, and Kathleen was part of the Folk/Singer-Songwriter group.

To put how big this in into perspective, a song you hear all the time on Z-107.3, “Dance Monkey” by Toni Watson, who performs professionally as Tones and I, won the entire competition. The Australian singer and songwriter turned that victory into a number one hit in more than 30 countries.

Kathleen is currently pursuing her dreams in Nashville. That’s where the idea for “Coast of Maine” came about, as she was reminiscing about her days on the beach in York. In fact the video was filmed there. It’a a very low key look at Kathleen and her dad just chilling at the gorgeous Nubble Lighthouse. In fact, the whole thing was shot on an I-Phone. You can find "Coast of Maine" now on all music platforms.

Kick back, relax, play her video, and think of summer days on the beaches of Maine. It really is “The Way Life Should Be."

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