A tour guide takes of tour of Bangor. Let’s kick off 2022 with another visit to see Bangor’s most famous celebrity!

A woman who has a YouTube Channel called “The Megan Daily” likes to highlight her adventures traveling across the United States. She describes herself in rather charming terms as quote “A licensed tour guide and actress with champagne tastes dancing her way through NYC on a tap-water budget!:-) She recently decided to leave the hustle and bustle of Manhattan behind to take a trip here to Bangor, to explore all things King.

Megan grabbed her friend David, who grew up in the Bangor area, and whose mother taught at Hampden Academy, for a tour of 10 Must-See Stephen King destinations in the fictional town of “Derry Maine." David is well versed in the King “universe” so he turns out to be the perfect guide f Stephen King's literary "Universe."

The pair hit all the spots that inspired Stephen King to create some of his most iconic work, such as Thomas Hill Standpipe, Mount Hope Cemetery, the Paul Bunyan statue, and the legendary sewer grate at the corner of Jackson and Union streets, which is of course where Pennywise dwells in the classic “IT” And no trip here is complete without stopping by the King house on West Broadway, which constantly has traffic pulling over to catch a glimpse.

You can take this tour on your own, by using this map.

If you want to take a more traditional visit to these areas, SK-Tours is the experience for lovers of all things King. You have probably seen their company vehicle driving around town, but do you know what they are all about? The owners remake the city of Bangor, into "Derry", the town depicted in the film "IT'

And it also stops by all of the sites that you see in this video.

SK Tours, by the way, will be donating a portion of all the tours given the first week of April to Bangor High School’s Project Graduation, to benefit the Class of 2022!

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