Sarah here and I thought of a special way to start off the New Year.

I was thinking about my own personal attitude of New Years resolutions.  I don't like them.  I think you can seize the moment and make those changes now.  But, I think about how other people think that New Years is the time for a fresh start.

The key is 'other people'.

I know so many talented people - singers, artists - so many people that maybe haven't thought they could achieve an achievable goal.  Maybe they've counted themselves out of achieving a certain goal.  Maybe they feel uncertain about their ability to achieve.

So this year I wanted to start the Friends New Years Challenge.  Let's give a hashtag:#YoureSoTalentedNewYearsChallenge

Let's outline it:

  • Pick a friend that you know could achieve something with their talents. Maybe you know a great shower singer, a closet artist or clever but shy wordsmith.
  • New Years Challenge Graphic
  • Share it to your friend with a message that is uplifting but also let them know that they are fully capable of achieving this goal by 12/31/2019.
  • Perhaps a little attention to your friend about their incredible ability will open the door to a possibility that they didn't know there was a door for.

    Challenge your friends and share it with us on Facebook.  We want 2019 to be an uplifting year for our listeners and now the challenge is on!  #YoureSoTalentedNewYearsChallenge

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