The final season of HBO's wildly popular series Game Of Thrones is set to debut April 14th (which means you better get your taxes in a day early, because you know you're not going to be doing jack after that first episode!) Many people (like myself) are in a mad dash to review what's happened so far, because each season has been chalk full of so much, its hard to keep track of who is who, who is where and frankly who is still alive!

There are dragons and dead guys and swords and some really funky stories of sibling rivalry or sibling love, sometimes both. (George R. R. Martin sure does know how to put they "fun" back in dysfunctional, when it comes to family dynamics, doesn't he?!)  And then there are good guys posing as bad guys, and bad guys posing as good guys. And there are really big wolves. But what else?

A fellow GOT fan shared this on social media the other day, and after watching it twice, this is about as concise a breakdown, in just 12 minutes, that you're going to find. So, if you're new to the series and need a video Cliffs Notes of sorts, or you're like me, with so much time having passed--all the important information has started to leak out of my brain! here's a clear and condensed recap of the first seven seasons of Game Of Thrones, from the website You are welcome!!


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