Welcome to the Queen City!

Nicholas K. Stahl and his parents took a trip to explore the "majestic lands" of Bangor, Maine. Before their trip, they Googled the best things to do here in town, and they seemed to enjoy themselves enough to post a video of their adventure.

I'm personally always curious to see the reactions from tourists when they visit anywhere in Maine for the first time, but even more so when it just happens to be Bangor.

The fun begins at the legendary, 31 foot Paul Bunyan statue, directly in the front of the Cross Insurance Center, I drive by it everyday and take it for granted, but people always seem to be impressed upon seeing it.

Of course the next logical stop is West Broadway, to visit the home of Bangor's most famous resident, Stephen King. Nick's mom even brought a copy of "If It Bleeds" along for the ride.

No trip to the Queen City would be complete without a stop at Dave's Movie Center...also known as the "Romantic Supermarket" Nuff said.

Next up is Downtown Bangor, with a cruise by the beautiful "Greetings From Bangor" mural, with a stop at Antique Marketplace & Collectables, where they encounter, quite frankly, some rather creepy dolls on a shelf. I feel nightmares are in my future.

Off to Brewer, the family makes a stop at the hidden treasure known as the Eagle's Nest Restaurant, way out North Main Street. to enjoy one of their "World Famous Lobster Rolls" and it's true, because it says so right on the sign out front.

Finally, they hit one the nest sledding spots in town, Union St. Hill, not sure why they stopped here, since they didn't have a sled with them, but whatever. The one weird thing that they stumbled upon there, was a bunch of blood in the snow.

Overall, they seemed to really enjoy their day in Bangor. Thanks for visiting, and y'all come back now, ya hear!

Bangor A to Z

Bangor is our home, so we try to know as much as we can about it. Here are the ABCs of our beloved Queen City.

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