Welcome to Derry...uh I mean Bangor!

We always love it when tourists come to Bangor to have a great experience, and it happened again over the weekend when a video was promptly posted of their time here in The Queen City.

I truly envy people who are able to constantly travel, explore and cross things off their bucket list. I came across a fun couple who have a YouTube Channel of their adventures called "The Magic Geekdom" They have a great description in their bio:

Hello and welcome to The Magic Geekdom! We are Jeremy & Cara, a couple sharing unique and geeky places all around the world. We are all about helping people find and experience the most interesting and quirky places like theme parks, filming locations, roadside attractions plus the hidden gems and must-see places we find along the way. Oh, and we bring our dog with us whenever we can! :)

They like so many others, are fairly obsessed with our most famous celeb, Stephen King. The purpose of the visit is to explore all the different ways that the author has incorporated Bangor into his many novels. And of course, that journey starts at King's home on West Broadway.

No trip here is complete without a look at the sewer drain on the corner of Union & Jackson, which is of course where Pennywise the clown dwells! It's right in the same neighborhood is the iconic Thomas Hill Standpipe, which served as the inspiration for the haunted and dangerous water tower in "It," and it's said Stephen King wrote much of the book on a park bench in the small park at the base of the tower. A visit to Mount Hope Cemetery is also a must.

And you can't visit the Bangor area without chowing down, so Jeremy and Cara hit Mason's Brewing Company in Brewer and the legendary Dysart's.

From this video, it looks like they had a great time visiting our little corner of the world. Come back and see us again!

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