A Clifton family is offering a $3,500 reward for missing dogs!

My friend Ashley Murphy and her family are grieving, when they should be enjoying the holiday season. Luther and Roman are their two beautiful German Shepherd dogs that have been missing since December 4. As you can imagine, they are very upset and worried and miss them very much.

We can all relate to losing a pet, but as someone who had three German Shepherds myself growing up, this hits very close to home for me, because they are such loyal and loving dogs, so hopefully Luther and Roman will come home to a family that misses them terribly.

There is a $3,500 reward for their safe return. Luther is a 7-year-old male, and Roman is a 5-year-old male. Both dogs weigh roughly 85 lbs. They went missing from the Scott's Pond Road in Clifton on December 4. They are wearing e-fence dog collars. If you see them, do not chase them, but they are friendly and vaccinated dogs.

If you have any information, please call Ashley immediately at 207-478-9369, or at 207-991-8347. Any info that you give will remain 100% anonymous and no charges will be filed if something criminal has taken place. Ashley and her family just need to know where these pups are, and they want them to come home.

If you can, please share this post, so this family can get some answers, and hopefully get these dogs home as soon as possible!

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