Hey Bangor area businesses, he sells these at a resonable price!

The reopening of any business during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a tricky situation at best. Here in Maine, hair salons and barbers were allowed to go back to work during Phase 1 back in May, with all sorts of social distancing measures in place to ensure the safety of workers, and customers. One New Jersey barber
came up with a genius invention that allows him to take extra, extra precautions.

Edwin Ramirez, owns "201 Stylez" in Union City, New Jersey. In that state they are still awaiting approval to reopen the shop, but his "Shields on Wheels" invention could be a real game changer in the coming months as we await a vaccine.

"Shields on Wheels" is a movable Plexiglas shield with a cutout large enough for barbers to fit their hands and tools through while cutting or styling a customer's hair. Edwin is able to make about 30 of these a day, he then turns around and sells them to barbershops and hair salons for about $300 a pop

Restaurants have come up with some interesting ways to make sure there is social distancing as well. An establishment in South Carolina came up with an unusual way to keep tables compliant with social distancing guidelines. They are putting blow-up dolls in empty seats in an effort to make the room look full. The Open Hearth opened it's door back up, and instead of using yellow police tape, or roping tables off, they decided to use some G-rated dolls. Are they creepy? Yes. Are they funny?. Definitely.

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