There is a reward if anyone knows the identity of the person who has been attempting to break into Bangor area businesses during the early hours of the morning.

Things have been a little scary on the West Side of Bangor lately. There seems to be a lot more late-night, and early morning activity around the homes and stores in the area, and the call is out to find out who was loitering, and eventually, smashed a window at The Corner Store on Hammond Street.

Sunday morning around 3:28 am, a person was spotted on security cameras, wearing a hooded winter coat, and face mask, looking to get into the store.

Apparently, this is a trend in the area, with other businesses reporting this type of behavior, so take a look at the video footage, especially if you live in that area, and saw anything suspicious. It was dark, and it is a little grainy, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

The best bet would be to contact the Bangor Police Department, at (207) 947-7384. Or, you could send The Corner Store a message with any information.

These small stores are the backbone, and heart & soul of our community, so let's keep them safe! Be sure to lock your doors and windows at night, and when you aren't at home, because these things are happening to homes as well.

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