One special gift that we all received from Maine's Bicentennial year was a virtual experience of a few of Maine's most iconic places.  A project, called the Maine Virtual Reality Experience, was included as part of Maine's 200th year and has resulted in a crystal clear virtual reality experience that you can explore on your laptop or go all out and experience with VR technology.

The 6 locations that you can experience with VR include Maine's State House, the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, Downtown Portland, Fort Knox, and the Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory.

Tour a few of Maine's most iconic places including not only views of these places scattered throughout Maine, but also with an interactive guided tour complete with close-ups of notable objects accompanied by audible information clips.

Walk through art galleries, take in historic notes about these places, and uncover special fun-facts that you never would have known otherwise.

Another project for Maine's Bicentennial was 'Maine's Bicentennial Moments', 30-second recorded PSAs that share bits of information about Maine's history, it's historic people and historic moments in time.  These PSAs also include documents and imagery from Maine's history, as well.

See these projects and maybe learn a bit more about your favorite state by checking out the 'Maine State Archives Bicentennial Projects' page at the website.

Here are the 6 locations featured in Maine's Bicentennial VR project.  If you have a VR set, now's your time to get it going.  Click the name and it will take you right to the 360-degree VR/ interactive experience.  Have fun!

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