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Today is National Cat Day and what better way to show your support, and maybe obsession, with the fuzziest, cutest and sassiest creatures of the domestic animal kingdom than to invest your hard-earned money into staple items to show the world your love.

Here is a list of the top items for you to get to share your admiration for your world's most selfish and graceful best friend for National Cat Day.

Heymiss via Amazon

This one is simple and to the point while still keeping some class.  It's also perfect for the chilly temperatures that fall can bring around.  A perfect shirt to wear for National Cat Day.

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Ugly Sweater with Boxing Cat

Uideazone via Amazon

If you just want to have fun with your crazy cat lady persona then this is the sweater to get for all of those upcoming holiday parties.  There's going to be at least one 'ugly sweater' holiday party and this one will definitely take home the salmon pâté in gravy giblets.

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Super Crazy Cat Taco Jogging Pants

RAISEVERN via Amazon

Let's just let our freak flag fly and just lay all our crazy out there.  You take pride in your uniqueness and it goes beyond having refined taste.  More like tasty refried beans in tacos with cute cat faces on them.  Just live your life.

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Cute Cool Cat Ballet Flats


Alright, reining back in the crazy but now bringing in the subtle touch of 'cool cat'.  Here's a cute ballet flat for those who want a little something to spice up a wardrobe during the warmer months or at work and these will help bring a little fun to any outfit.  PLUS, when you buys these particular shoes, a donation by the manufacturer will be made to help save the lives of dogs and cats.  Now, you're really considering by buying these, aren't you ;).

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Classic 'Hang In There' Poster

Poster Foundry via Amazon

Had to get this baby on this list because, every crazy cat lady needs a little motivation and this is the OG of motivational posters.

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Assorted Funny Cat Christmas Cards

Nobleworks via Amazon

Plenty of styles and greetings to pass around to friends and family that are well aware of your deep fascination with felines and that will most certainly gain a smile as soon as they see the cat on your special holiday cards.  Make the mark that you are this dedicated, you ARE that crazy.... crazy for cats.

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