You know that "Spring" has finally sprung here in the Pine Tree State when these five things happen. Trust us, this is the official list:

#5 - It's Still Snowing

Think it ends now? You're gonna have a bad time.

#4 - Potholes. Potholes Everywhere!

A wise man once said "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball." Here in Maine, if you can dodge a pothole, you get a ticket for reckless driving.

#3 - You Ask Yourself "What The Hell Does That Mean?"

Every year, they put up these signs, and every year, we wonder what they mean. Has anyone ever read the fine print? I'll limit my heavy loads anyway though.

#2 - The Weather Changes Wicked Quick

Almost ovahnight, guy!

#1 - You Realize What's Coming Next

Between Mud Season & More Wintah is the dreaded season of "Road Construction." Can't wait!

Happy Spring!

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