As soon as the weather is nice enough for Mainers to take advantage of all Vacationland has to offer, and then it's swamped with tourists! Now is the time to visit these places that will soon be a lot busier!

Here are some places to go, things to see, and things to eat before you have to fight the crowds. Play tourist through April and May in your home state before it's too late!

1. Beaches

Believe it or not, there is actually sand on Sand beach in Acadia. You can see it this time of year when it's not covered with tanning tourists! Who are we kidding, ocean water never really gets warm in Maine, so what difference does it make when you go?

2.Popular Tourist Restaurants

There are some restaurants in Maine where the locals flock, and others that are usually occupied by the out-of-statahs. Now is the time to dine at these places that are covered with symbols of Maine and usually seasonal.

3. Lighthouses

Lighthouses in Maine are some of the most visited attractions each summer. Because it is usually a bit cooler and windier on the coast, even if there are early tourists taking a look this time of year, they will likely snap some pics and retreat to the warmth of their car. This is a great time to get photos of the beautiful lighthouses of Maine as they are not typically covered with flatlanders.

4.Tourist Towns

Some towns, like Bar Harbor and other coastal towns, have more summer visitors than year round residents! Now as shops and shuttered businesses return for the season, beat the tourists and enjoy them! A drive or bike ride in Bar Harbor is actually quite pleasant when you are not white knucked avoiding pedestrian and traffic accidents.

5. State Parks

Most parks in the state don't open officially until May, but many are still accessible and just require a little more of a walk from parking. Once the parks are open, don't worry about parking or commotion as most parks don't get busy until June.

What else do you make sure to do before tourist season?

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