Using UFO sightings and reports of being abducted we have determined 5 places where alien abduction isn't just sci-fi. 

Some of these places are hot spots for UFOs, some are infamous in alien lore and one has even motivated twin sisters to create an abductee support group. We were able to determine UFO hot spots using UFO Stalker where you can see a live map and read UFO reports around the world.

In 2014 UFO researchers named Maine as a hotbed for ET activities including glowing orbs, mysterious humming sounds, strange flying objects and more! It seems seems Vacationland may not be as isolated as we thought! We may not be so alone!

After a bit of probing...Here's what we came up with for the places in Maine where it seems you would be most likely to get abducted by extra terrestrials:

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    The Allagash

    This may be one of the most famous alien abduction locations. Many know of the story of the 4 young men who were abducted from their canoe in 1976 while on the silent, secluded Allagash Waterway. See the video from Open Minds Productions for the full story.

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    According to UFO Stalker there have been numerous UFO sightings in Bucksport and nearby towns of Orrington and Prospect. This is no shocker as Bucksport is known as Maine's Most Haunted Town where strange occurrences are not unusual. Maybe the aliens are drawn to Fort Knox in Prospect, or the unique Penobscot Narrows Bridge?

    Amanda McDonald
    Amanda McDonald
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    In 2016 we released 'Places in Maine you are Most Likely to see a UFO' and this was number one! So we assume there may be some abductions going on here as well. Of all the UFO reports from Maine on UFO Stalker, Monson had the most.

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    Oxford is the founding location for Starborn Support. A support group for those who need help dealing with their abductions, or just want someone who understands their experience. The group was founded by twin sisters who experienced their own abduction. It is kind of strange the story from the Allagash involved Twin brothers and this abduction from Oxford involves twin sisters... coincidence?

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