With February upon us now and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season in the rearview mirror, it's time to make the most of some family fun time, and find some kid-friendly activities to do, outside.

Three kids lying down together on white snow, outdoors winter vacation

Lucky for us, here in Maine, there's no shortage of ways to celebrate the snow, and put a little color back into your cheeks.

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Here are 5 Fun, Outdoor, Kid-Friendly Events Happening In Eastern Maine This February.

Winter Fun Day

Kids playing on snowy field

This Saturday, from 11 AM-2 PM, Fields Pond Audobon Center in Holden will host a free Winter Fun Day. They'll have a tracking walk, a snowshoe walk, and a Snowy Owl story walk, along with snow science experiments taking place all morning. There will also be a chance to ice skate, provided you bring your own skates.

Family Snowshoe Adventure

a pair of classic Bear Paw wooden snowshoes cast shadow in snow

Later on that same day, from 1 PM-2:30 PM, there's a Family Snowshoe Adventure at Hirundo Wildlife Refuge in Old Town.

This event has a price tag of $10-$15 a ticket.

According to their post, if you don't have your own snowshoes, there will be some available at the gate before the start of the walk. they suggest dressing in layers and bringing a snack.

"Throughout the guided hike we will see the colors of winter, listen to its sounds, look for signs of animals, and discuss the importance of wetlands. Our adventure will start at Gate 3. The location of the event is weather-dependent, and may change. You will be notified if a new location is chosen."
Organizers also recommend dressing in layers and bringing a snack.

Winter Carnival

3 snowmen outdoors

Next weekend, on Saturday, February 12th from 10 AM- 2 PM, the Woodlawn Museum in Ellsworth will hold its annual Woodlawn Winter Carnival.

Anyone who has ever driven past the Woodlawn has likely observed what can only be described as an almost perfect sledding hill. And the Museum has capitalized on this, year after year, with its Winter Carnival Celebration, during which they hold "cardboard sled races, a snowshoe race, and snow sculpture competition", provided there's enough snow on the ground, which it looks like this year there will be.

"Registration of sleds and other events will begin in the Gift Shop at 9:30; sled races begin at 10:15 am; snow sculpture competition judging begins at 1:30 pm, and snowshoe races will be at noon."

Snow and Sliding Party 

Sledding Girl - Expressing Joy

If a drive up Route 1A isn't what you're looking for, and you want to stay closer to Bangor, also happening that Saturday from 1 PM-4PM, is a Snow and Sliding Party hosted by the Old Town Elks Lodge. The party will take place right at the Elks Club, on the hill across from the boat landing on 4th St.

Free and open to the public, there will be "sliding, popcorn, hot dogs, nachos and hot cocoa. A small bonfire as well."

Annual Children's Ice Fishing Day

Family ice fishing

That next weekend, on Sunday, February 20th, the Penobscot County Conservation Club is hosting its Annual Children's Ice Fishing Day at LeVasseur Pond in Brewer.

If you have kids, of any age, toddlers all the way up to 15 years old, you should definitely make sure you try this at least once. You won't regret it.

Children's Ice Fishing Day, Cori Skall
Children's Ice Fishing Day, Cori Skall

Having taken my kids to this in the past, I can tell you it's well worth the time out in the cold. They have so much fun. You'll definitely want to dress appropriately and bring a sled and some folding chairs, but the PCCC provides the rest.

Children's Ice Fishing Day, Cori Skall
Children's Ice Fishing Day, Cori Skall

"Catch one take it home! Pre-drilled holes and Pre-placed ice fishing traps.
Equipment and bait will be provided! Activities monitored, supervised & taught by experienced fishers, sportsmen & women."

Children's Ice Fishing Day, Cori Skall
Children's Ice Fishing Day, Cori Skall

For a donation, your kids will also be able to enjoy a warm beverage or snack up in the Club's lodge.

Children's Ice Fishing Day, Cori Skall
Children's Ice Fishing Day, Cori Skall

Whatever it is you end up choosing to do with your kids this month, just remember as cold as you might feel on the outside while participating in these fun family events, the smiles on the faces of your little ones will warm your heart enough to make you forget all about the chill.

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