Oh, boy.  That tariff chatter in the news is now going to be hitting our pockets, if it hasn't hit your investments in the stock market already.

USA Today is reporting what will go up in price in September due the trade war between the United States and China heats up and it's not looking good.  They are reporting a 15% increase on a lot of things, and some of these things are critical.

Let's dive into what those items are that will cost 15% more next month and how us, as ladies, will need to deal with it.


Buying coffee on-the-go or brewing at home will take bite out of the budget.  I don't know about you but this is how I wake up and do all of "the things".   So, this is a necessity- a cost I'm just going to have to adjust for.  What could cost $2.80 - $11.00 per pound at your local grocery store will now be $3.20 - $12.65 per pound at the grocery store or a $0.40 - $1.65 increase for your morning joe, if brewed at home.  Time to find a new coffee?  Or maybe, make a sacrifice on another item of the grocery store.


No.  Not my chocolate.  But, yes, it will be affected.  My favorite candy bar comes in at $0.95 a bar which will soon become $1.10.  I can deal with that.  But, wait, Halloween's coming up which means everybody gets lollipops.  Sorry, kids!  It's still candy, though!  Just not the great stuff :(

Tampons and Sanitary Pads

Hold up!  Even my lady stuff is going to cost more?  Yep, that, too.  That name brand box of tampons that costs about $7.50 for a pack of 36 will now cost about $8.62.  Where it was half way between $5 and $10, it's getting closer to that $10 mark.  No bueno.  I say it's time to give the menstrual cup a try.

Oh, Yes.  There's More.

Got a family?  Here's what else is going to cost more:

  • Milk
  • Diapers
  • Infant formula

And, Then October...

Unfortunately, these prices are going to increase even more in October, from 15% in September to 30% in October.  That means that $11 bag of coffee now is going to be $14.30 in October and that $20 can of infant formula is going to be more like $26.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but at least you are aware of what's in store this fall.

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