These guys will have tuna fish sandwiches for lunch for days and days!

Back on July 1st, 17-year old Wyatt Morse from Auburn, Maine, took three of his bros, Martin Scanlan, 16, of Aspen, Colorado, and Griffin Buckwalter, 16, of Scarborough, out on his boat appropriately named "Fat 2na."They spent a beautiful summer day fishing off the Maine cost, about 30 miles from Portland, and after a grueling 7-hour battle, they snagged themselves a 700 pound blue-fin tuna. "Fat 2na" indeed. They dubbed this majestic beast "Hell Fish" And boy oh boy, is he a beaut!

This was bound to happen eventually for young Wyatt, because he's put in the time and the work. For the last 4 years, he has immersed himself in learning everything there is to know about fishing for tuna off the Maine coast. As you will see when you watch the video, all that paid off beautifully for him.

"Hell Fish" was 109 inches from its nose to it's tail, and strong as hell. This epic 7-hour battle pulled all three of the guys more than 10 miles in 24-foot "Fat 2na" boat, and being the savvy social media mavens that they are, they recorded the highlights for all of us to enjoy

Before COVID-19 hit, a blue fin tuna of this magnitude would sell for some serious dough. Earlier this year, one of these bad boys was sold for more than $30 per pound for a grand total of 1.8 million in Japan. Wyatt and his pals got about $2,000 for their efforts and a nice summer memory in an otherwise crappy year.

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