Looking for things to occupy the kiddos this summer? How about 207 of them!

Summer is officially here and the kids are out of school, if you would like to keep them engaged and outdoors, instead of playing video games, or staring at their phones for the next three months, we found a video that gives you plenty of fun ideas for adventure in the state of Maine.

Just some of the activities include a trip to Cadillac Mountain, the Moxie Festival, Cherry Tomatoes, a visit to the Thomas Hill Standpipe, building sand castles on the beach, Canoeing, A trip to the Maine State Museum, whale watching in Bar Harbor, having lunch at a food truck, hiking in the woods, swimming in a quarry, watching a parade, reading ghost stories, learning Bees, Beekeeping & Honey, and so many more!

For the complete list of all 207 ideas, check out this link for more information https://goo.gl/GE8HGt

Have a great summer!

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