Some of the best 2012 movie trailers are counted legitimately among the year's most talked about moments -- they're right up there with the Presidential Election! They're the perfect combinations of dramatic music, the most visually arresting scenes and, of course, thrilling dialogue; and for some, like the 'Snow White and the Huntsman' and 'Prometheus' trailers, we were more pumped by the preview footage than the actual films themselves.

Now, think about all your favorite movie trailers from the past year, then think about all of their best scenes. What would happen if you took all the most epic parts of all the most epic trailers of 2012, and mashed them all together into one supercut of epicness? Click ahead to find out.

Take the thrilling one liners of 'The Dark Knight Rises' and 'The Avengers'; the horrifying visuals of 'The Possession,' 'Prometheus' and 'Paranormal Activity 4'; the heart-thumbing action sequences of 'Dredd' and 'Skyfall'; put them all together and you get what YouTube user The Sleepy Skunk created. It's called the 2012 Movie Trailer Mashup and it contains all the best moments from all the best movie trailers that premiered this past year.

Sounds awesome, right? Well, it kind of is. Even though we still have some more epicness ahead of us with the upcoming 'Man of Steel' and 'Star Trek: Into Darkness' pieces hitting with 'The Hobbit' movie in a couple weeks, this mashup will still be guaranteed to get your heart racing. Check out the epic 2012 Movie Trailer Mashup below!

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