A circle can't fit where a square should be...

Timeless advice from the band Extreme from their song "Hole Hearted". But in this case, it's more literal. How many times have you been behind an 18-wheeler and seen the little graphic reminding you that "this vehicle makes wide right turns"? Makes sense. Those rigs are huge, and need room to maneuver around.

They always make a broad swing to the left, and then usually make as hard a right as possible to fit in the correct lanes. But honestly, with the turn an 18-wheeler tried to make on State Street in Brewer yesterday, there was never going to be a wide enough swing to thread this truck through the State/Main Street needle.

This poor driver probably tried, but ended up in a bad spot.

It would seem yesterday morning, a semi truck tried to make the corner in question, but instead got completely entangled in the guardrail. And as you would imagine, the more the driver tried to get off the rail, the worse it got. Eventually, the cops had to get involved.

Photo Bobbie Lindsey
Photo Bobbie Lindsey

It's unclear whether they just cleared the area enough for the truck to get itself unstuck, or whether professionals had to get the truck off. Either way, it caused quite the kerfuffle at that intersection for a little while. My friend Bobbie sent me the photos we have here. By the time I got to the scene, everything had been cleared out. except for the guardrail, which now looks like crumpled tinfoil.

My assumption is that the driver probably isn't from this are and had no idea how tight that turn was going to be. Obviously, that made for a really crappy day for that person. And I'm assuming their boss won't be happy either, because I'm sure their insurance will have to cover the damages. Ugh... that's no way to start a work week.


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