Those of us who grew up in the Bangor area are kind of immune to the "specialness" of Stephen King's house on West Broadway. It's actually not where he lives any longer but that house was the Master of Horror's homestead for decades and a little bit of pride for the blue-collar city that is Bangor.

His Home Is Our Home, But Really It's His Home, But Not Anymore

Honestly, that home adds a little glamour to our smaller community, which hasn't had anything historic or notable since the height of its economic heyday in the 1860s. Since then, Bangor seemed to be far off the map of anything prosperous, famous, or noteworthy, until Stephen King.

I guess that's why Stephen King's home, even if the guy doesn't live there any longer, is a little piece of something special that all of us in the Bangor area have some pride in. That West Broadway house is something relevant to national and international culture. While we ourselves may not be the ones that sent Bangor to a place of relevancy, we are, by association, a part of it.

Your Honesty Kind of Hurts

So, when someone comes to our hometown and has a little bit of dissatisfaction at visiting Stephen King's house, really THE most relevant and famous persona and home to recent pop culture that makes Bangor relevant, it does kind of hurt.

Let's take a look at some of the dissatisfaction shared online through reviews on Google, Tripadvisor, and other online review places. The criticisms seemed to involve a few things including not being able to take a tour of the house. I guess I can understand that.  Another is that it's just a house. Not sure if they were expecting a Pennywise waterpark on the lawn or an animatronic Jack Nicholson at the gate?

The Dissatisfied Reviews

Take a look at the real reviews floating around the web that reflect dissatisfaction with visiting one of the world's most famous homes of Bangor's man of most relevance, Stephen King.

Unsatisfied Internet Reviews of Stephen King's Bangor Home

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