Two businesses in Waterville are having a fun sign war and things are heating up.

A Waterville State Farm agent and the Wendy's across the road agreed on a sign war... through their signs.

Wendy's in Waterville, located at 329 Main Street in Waterville, posted to social media about the proposition of a sign war on Tuesday with Waterville State Farm Agent Michael Lee who's office is directly across the road from the restaurant.

The war looks to be started by this brave State Farm agent by using their outdoor, roadside marquee sign to spell out: "Hey Wendys! Wanna start a sign war?"

Wendy's reply, which seemed kinda cold despite their claims of being fresh and not frozen: "State Farm we're always ready to square up."

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I'm assuming 'square up' has a double meaning- to take on the challenge as well as allude to their famous square burgers.

Yesterday, the war continued with more sign war verbiage so wholesomely reckless it could nearly raise your premiums.

Wendy's message to officially start the sign war asked: "What are you wearing Mike from State Farm".

Not sure what kind of set up Wendy's was thinking about here but it looks as though Mike from State Farm may have heard this phrase once too many times.  You playing dirty, Wendy's.

Mike from State Farm responded back: "Khakis... Wendy's. And my buns aren't soft like yours!"

Ohhhhh, snap! Getcha popcorn. It's gettin' hot like a bowl a Wendy's chili in herrrrrrrrrr!

Wendy's might want to review their insurance policy about the dangers of smack talk because this war could be a battle for the ages, or at least for the town of Waterville during a pandemic.

Maybe, there's room for more company in this war... yeah, I'm talking to you O'Reilly's at 337 Main Street in Waterville. We see that big ol' marquee sign.  You could certainly through a wrench in there. Or how about you, Dunkin' at 339 Main Street? Just you serve the sweets doesn't mean you can't bring the SALTYYYY. That's a sign war challenge for the ages. Bring it, Waterville! Good luck, contenders.

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