Maine Coon cats are a special breed, indeed. And so are those who own the big cats.

Here are some great things we found for fans of the gentle (and really smart) giants.

It's a good thing these mysterious cats come with some instructions.

This is really cool and suitable for framing so you can see your Maine Coon when he or she outside -- probably hunting. The print is small, though. It's just 8 1/2 by 11 inches.

Now, you can let everyone know how much you like your Maine Coon cat. Plus, it's extra cool of you're a Pink Floyd fan.

It's hard to say if most Maine Coon Cat owners prefer the pet's company to that of another human. Probably, though. You could fill this mug with water for your cat. You know how much the Maine Coon likes water!

Now, you can take your Maine Coon cat to work with you. Every time you're bored at work, you can look down at these beauties and see your furry friend's face.

Now, we know Maine Coon Cats are docile and just great, but their size can look pretty intimidating. While they are pretty gentle, we know they can take care of business if the need arises.

Thanks to this calendar, every month can be the month of the Maine Coon Cat (as it should be.)

Just in time for the holidays, you can hang this Maine Coon Cat ornament on your tree. It will look great and be a lot less disruptive than having your actual cat in the tree.

This is a great gift for your child who wants to snuggle with your Maine Coon Cat. Sometimes the real thing has other things to do besides snuggle.

You take your keys everywhere. Why not have a Maine Coon Cat on your key ring?

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