Have I mentioned that I'm so in love with this 2014 GMC Sierra from Darling's? It's comfortable, safe AND has been very helpful around the house.

Today I decided it was finally time to move my loveseat to the office. I'm sick of taking naps on Kid's couch in his office. It smells just a tad funky down there! HA HA! Don't tell my boss that I'm bringing the couch in to take naps on though. When I close my door at 2PM, I'm on a REALLY IMPORTANT PHONE CALL. DO NOT DISTURB! Think he'll buy it? No? HA! Me either.

Anyway, back to the truck. I drive around all the time in a tiny little car. I never have the ability to move big things around whenever I feel like it. I hate asking friends to borrow their trucks. It's pretty cool to just throw some furniture in the back and go!

This weekend I'm headed to Boston for a concert. I'm going to leave the truck home with Thom. I'm sure he'll be headed to Home Depot just to see what he can buy to haul back to the house in the truck! Stay tuned for the details on that!

Remember, you still have time to enter our Darling's Pick Your Ride Contest! You could win a two year lease on the truck of your dreams! Don't wait!