I've been bursting with joy ever since Thom asked me to marry him! The thought of being Mrs. Osborne immediatly makes me smile. In fact, I think the smile is stuck there! I'm going to marry my best friend. I know, I know. Everyone says that. It's so true though! We've been co-workers and the best of friends for six and a half years now. I'm so blessed to have him as my partner and Step-Dad for Bella. We just adore him!

Enough with the mushy gushy for now. A big part of starting a marriage is the WEDDING! Thom and I have set a date of 12/13/14. Cool, right? I think so. The problem? It's four and a half months away and I really have NO PLAN!

The only decision I've made is my dress. I fell in love with my dress right away. My friend Holli at Dream Dress Bridal has been so patient with me. I think I've gone in to try it on six or seven times now. The cool part is, her super talented seamstress is going to take the dress and make it even better! More on that later.

The wall of beautiful dresses at Dream Dress Bridal in Brewer. Photo By: ME!

Through this wedding planning process I'll probably be leaning on you guys for help! I know a lot of you must be married and most of you have probable attended weddings. I'm going to need help deciding on the bridesmaid dress, tuxedo choices, flowers, how I'm going to wear my hair, nails, etc

It would be an understatement to say that I'm a little stressed out. I think I'll feel much better once we make a decision on the venue. I'm sure it will all come together after that. I'm not even certain about my colors yet! Here's a visual of my stress! Too many choices!

Colors, Colors & More Colors at Dream Dress Bridal in Brewer. Photo By: ME!

Stay tuned for updates. I'm sure I'll be reaching out for your opinions soon enough!


Future Mrs. O