Why did Selena Gomez and Zedd break up after a vague and short-lived romance? We've got our answer.

In a new interview with Billboard, the hitmaker explained that his 2015 whirlwind relationship with Gomez completely flipped his life upside-down, and that he was so disoriented, he couldn't quite manage the stress.

“Reporters were calling my parents. People were hacking my friends’ phones," he recalled. "I was pissed. [Though] I kind of knew what I was getting myself into. She is one of the most talked about people in the world, but I had no idea how much that would change my life.”

Zedd wouldn't say for sure if he's dating anyone new yet.

Gomez first confirmed to New Zealand's The Edge Afternoons in July 2015 that she shared a romance with Zedd after rumors began circulating that the two went out together for the sake of publicity.

"I adore Anton [Zedd] a lot and I definitely had a thing with him, which was nice," she said.

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