Every week the Z will post a question to all you fans about what you think about this or that. It could be a national craze or just a hot topic on the station for the week. You hear our thoughts on the airwaves and we're bringing it to the internet with our 'Tell the Z' weekly poll.

Let your thoughts be known:

In honor of Eminem's birthday this week on October 17th, which do you prefer: young, angsty Slim Shady or an older, wiser Marshall Mathers?


Young and angsty Slim Shady.  That was the fun Eminem


I prefer the older and wiser Marshall Mathers.  I think this is the true Eminem and the younger Eminem was just an insecure version of the man we've seen grow up.


Young and angsty Slim Shady. I like the sentiment of the wiser Marshall, but nothing beats him all amped up and angsty--the speed and the wit is all over it.


Young and angsty Eminem. Slim Shady was where it's at. His newer stuff is cool, but it doesn't have the fire of his older material.

Alright, Z Nation, now it's your turn.  Whatchu got to say?

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