When the Z posted a fun question on the Z Facebook page, you guys had no comment.


The question posed: 'What are your predictions for 2021?'

Nothing.  No comments.  No sarcasm, no self-deprecating remarks, no honest statements of a brighter year.

Absolutely nothing.

Is this what we are heading into?  A new year where we are just so exhausted by thinking and feeling that we have nothing to put out there?

I think this is metaphorical for the time of repose we feel, after the holiday season, but especially after a year that has wrung us dry of patience, hope, and optimism.

We go into this new year tired.  Much more tired than a year ago and no end in sight.  Even though vaccinations are happening throughout the State of Maine right now and within our community here in the Bangor area, it is still hard to see positivity.

Here's to hope in the New Year, the hope you were too tired to muster onto a Facebook comment.  Hope that the stimulus check can hit your bank account sooner rather than later.  Hope that the vaccine will put our economy and community back together.  Hope that our polar opposite political neighbors can be friends again.  Hope that the businesses who've gone under can recover and the businesses who've lost some can get some back.

Your words of nothing echo loudly into the hollow hope of the New Year.  But, let those echoes be a marker of the inward strength you are gaining, the power of listening you are conjuring and the search for hope that distracts you.

Stay strong, stay safe, Z Nation.

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