This year's Z My Valentine saw an extraordinary amount of entries and really ramped up the contest from previous years.  Great job to everybody who participated.

We have announced our Grand Prize winner voted on by our listeners and followers.  Another twist this year is that we wanted to include another winner, selected at random from all of the entries submitted.

For our Grand Prize, we threw up 50 entries on our website for everybody to vote on.  The winner received 15% of the vote and we want to congratulate.......

Credit: Sandi Blanchard
Credit: Sandi Blanchard

Meet Sandi Blanchard from Corinth.  Here was her entry description about her and her schmoopie that won this year's Z My Valentine:

We met in the military, It was Love at first sight. In our 11 years of marriage, One week before our wedding he was severely injured causing us to miss our honeymoon, we've been through 5 near death experiences, Almost losing our son, We've battled cancer 3 times, including my recent diagnosis 4 weeks ago ... Yes we've had a journey filled with a few obstacles, However, together we can get through anything, He is The Most Amazing Hardworking husband, devoted father, and the ultimate motivation cancer partner a girl could ask for.

He deserves some good luck for a change, and much more....

When you feel your worse, he always brings out your best!

As the Grand Prize winner, Sandi and her schmoopie have won a fantastic Valentines Day prize package:

  • 14K white gold diamond key pendant from Quality Jewelers ($1000 value)
  • $50 gift card to Season's
  • $50 gift card to Damon's Beverage
  • $50 gift card to Hampden Floral

Congratulations, Sandi and hubs!

This year we also decided to add in one more prize, a $50 gift card to Specialty Sweets.  We pooled all entries and picked one at random to win this extra goodie.  Congratulations to Jennifer McGraw of Glenburn.  Here was her entry for this year's contest:

My husband and I never go out. We dedicate all our time to our kids. My husband, David works hard to support my kids and me. We deserve a Valentine's day for us. We fell in love in 2003 and married in 2007. I want to win this for my husband and give him the best Valentine's day that he has ever had. Thank you for doing these giveaways and contests. I listen to Z107.3 every day. Love your show.

Thank you to everybody who entered and voted!  Happy Valentines Day, schmoopies!!!!

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