You listen to Z107.3 in lots of different ways in lots of different places. However and wherever you listen, we want you to let us know you're out there!

First things first. You'll need our app. Then, just tap the "Air Check" button and record yourself saying the following:

"This is [FIRST NAME] from [TOWN] and I got it locked on Bangor's #1 Hit Music Station, Z107.3!"

You'll want to lock it on the Z anyways. How else will you start your day with Kid and Sarah and spend your afternoons with Cori?

You might even hear yourself on the air among all of the great music they play.

Get our free mobile app

You already know you can listen to us on the app. You also can listen to us with the Amazon Echo anytime you want. Just say "Alexa, Play Z-one-oh-seven-point-three." Of course, the Amazon Echo Dot does lots of other stuff, but nothing it does compares to its ability to play Bangor's #1 Hit Music Station. Nothing.

So, get that app and let's hear you.

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