Riley, a camper from Camp CaPella, has come up with a really cool design that you can wear on a t-shirt, hat or tote bag, all the while donating to the Dedham summer camp for kids with disabilities at the same time!

Yup, looks like a kitty to me, and it will can displayed on a variety of items for sale at between January 30th and February 12th.  When you purchase one of the items from this organization that employs adults with disabilities and also supports a wide range of charitable organizations too, 50% of the funds will go towards supporting Camp CaPella!  The other 50% keeps the company in business.

Wear Riley's image proudly, and support the wonderful Camp Capella on Phillips Lake in Dedham, a place where kids like Riley can call their own, and have the time of their lives!

Camp CaPella Facebook image

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