Wow, this made us cry like a little bitty baby.

We've seen hundreds of these videos before, cops here in Maine and across the nation sitting there within their cruiser holding onto the police radio and signing off while their colleagues and friends stand outside in a show of support.

But this time because of a certain aspect it all seemed a little different, one in which no mortal man could watch and not begin to shed a tear.

Watch this video that was posted to Facebook yesterday, it shows Penobscot County Deputy Sheriff Peter Stone signing off for the very last time and capping off a 40 year career in law enforcement.  The kicker this particular time is that Mr. Stone's wife Betty is the dispatcher.

The routine seemed to go well for a while for both of them, until we hear Betty go silent on the other end and a look of wonderment came over Deputy Stone's face.  When the dispatcher who has probably heard it all throughout her years of work regained her composure and continued on, the tissues began to come out.

Instances like this show all the good in humanity, community, and especially family.  A man who should feel enormously proud of his accomplishment, 40 years of protecting and serving the communities and the people of Penobscot County, and also that of his co-worker and wife, who has given her partner full support both professionally and personally.

We applaud public servants like the Stones and thank them for all that they have done for us, and wish the Deputy many fun-filled and healthy years ahead in his retirement!

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