They're big and awkward, sometimes bouncing off the porch light so hard that they'll fall to their deaths. But they don't bite, which is always a bonus.

Yes, here in Maine, June bugs come out of the ground anytime between mid-May and mid-June. They may be a little late going this year because of the very wet and cold spring we've experienced.

As with just about all bugs, a June bug's life is pretty odd. Mama June bug will plant her eggs into the ground and then immediately die when she's done. When the egg hatches, a June bug then will spend the next three years of its life below ground chewing on roots of all sorts. If it's not eaten by crows or other predators, or killed by insecticides, it will then come from the ground after that three year period and see the light of day most likely during the month of June.

Soon thereafter, as the summer nights begin to cool, the June bug will then die.

June bugs spend the majority of the daylight hours back in the ground.

Probably the biggest irritation a June bug produces is the periodic tap on a window at night as they dive bomb towards the light inside a home.

June bugs don't bite, there's nothing to worry about with these guys. Although when they land on your bare skin you may initially feel it as they're tiny claws grasp the skin.

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